Best Kind of Summer School!

A Whole Lotta Awesome!
I have worked with the UArts Pre-College Programs for more than a decade and it’s loads of fun, especially their Summer Program. We get students from all over willing to give up an entire month of their Summer vacation in the name of expanding their creative horizons! What could be better? Well I’ll tell ya! Teaching these students Illustration alongside two of your bestest friends and a teaching assistant that kicks butt! This year I taught with two of the most creative folks I know; Christine Larsen (Digital) and Jeffro Kilpatrick (2D) and was assisted by the uber-talented Yara Safadi.  My semester started with a  lecture about creative collaboration alongside fellow collaborator (and all around good buddy) Concetta Barbera and concluded with an exhibition featuring all of the students’ work. In between my class; experimented with 3-4 different mediums including a digital component, finished 3 to 4 assignments with all the thumbnails, sketches and comps needed for finishes, we discussed markets like children’s books, editorial and comics, had a guest speaker (James Heimer) come in and share his knowledge on gig posters and even squeezed in a trip to the Rosenbach Museum to see some work by Maurice Sendak! These students worked their butts off and created a bunch of portfolio pieces in the process.
A BIG thanks goes out to Heather and Krysta and the UArts Summer Program Staff, Yara, James, Jeffro and Christine. I tip my hat to Rachel, Perri, Natalie, Kaan, Nina, Peter and Lizzy for making this a wonderful and creative Summer!
Above: A jam piece created by the students and given to yours truly. Love it!
Below: A slideshow from the Summer session featuring some pics of the students’ work from the entire semester and a few from our lecture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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