What an Amazing Week!

July is off to an amazing start! Tomorrow (Friday the 13th!) I will be giving a lecture at the University of the Arts with my good friend and fellow artist Concetta Barbera. We will be discussing the art of collaborating, specifically how we worked together on my book “I Put the Can in Cancer: A Journey Through Pictures.” Here’s a link to the event page.
On that front my book will be making its debut at San Diego Comicon. The world’s largest comics and entertainment convention. I am already really stoked, I received a text today that Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy) got his copy and said “the book looks beautiful!”
Lastly, I came home yesterday to find nine boxes from UPS on my front lawn. These contained pure comic goodness. The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society’s third anthology “City of Lotherly Brove” is 126 pages of comics and drawings inspired by Philadelphia. I’ll have more on that front in a bit, but here are a few photos to wet your whistle!
Above and Below: Pics of the display at the University of the Arts highlighting some of my work and the design of my book. Photographs: Concetta Barbera.

Above: Another pic of the display by Concetta. This one highlights the size of the case, glad I had a bunch of printouts from the book laying around.
Below: Two pics from my buddies over at Applehead Factory from San Diego Comicon. You can find them and my book at Booth#4923.
Below: Saved the best for last!  Here are a few pics of the latest book by the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society “City of Lotherly Brove” a tribute to Philadelphia!

5 thoughts on “What an Amazing Week!

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  2. Done! Shoot me an e-mail with your new address (patchworx13@gmail.com) and I can put it in the mail right after I get back from vacation next week! Thanks man!

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