Pete & Petria’s Petrifying Podcast: A Radio Play

Sometimes an opportunity comes across your inbox and you cannot resist.
The pull is too great.

Ever since working on the Brothers Brimm animated short and listening to the amazing voice acting of Mr. John DiMaggio, I have been interested in giving it a try. So when former classmate and fellow writer Sarah Edmonds sent the script over for Pete & Petria’s Petrifying Podcast I had to give it a go.

To my surprise – I was asked to do two of the voices. Note: I’d like to think this was due to my artistic articulation but in reality it had more to do with my being the oldest dude in the room. But that didn’t phase me one bit, I happily dipped my big toe into the sea of ham, and the scenery I did chew. You may hear a dash of Bruce Campbell (for Mike) and a rather odd take on Tim Curry’s Pennywise (for Herbert).

Big thanks goes out to my fellow voice actors – Tori, Evan, Alex, Sherri, and Amanda. As well as Sarah the director and the writers Dana and David.

Above: The poster that I designed for Pete & Petria’s Petrifying Podcast.
Below: A link to listen to our wonderful Radio Play.