PCS Book 03: The City of Lotherly Brove.

“I’m So Excited!” – Jeffro Kilpatrick
It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society’s third comics anthology. This one is titled “PCS Book 03: The City of Lotherly Brove.” It is the group’s swan song to the city we all know and love. Earlier in the month on Facebook I posted this about the book:
“It took more than two years, our printer closing up shop, countless quotes, went from 40 artists to 10 artists back to 20 amazing people, Jeff and I made 3 other books during the process, several dozen scans and rewrites, 3 different proofs, two engagements, a couple of moves, lost jobs, new jobs, and more cases of beer than I care to count to produce (what I think) is our BEST book to date…”
This was truly a labor of love for both Jeffro Kilpatrick and myself. I will go on the record again as saying this is the best book we’ve put together to date. This due greatly to all the new blood that runs through the 126 pages. We will be holding an Official PCS Book Release Party here in Philly but I didn’t want to keep people waiting any longer to get theirs hands on all this comics goodness so I posted it on my store. You can pick up your copy here and keep your peepers tuned in here for news about the upcoming party.
Big thanks to the 20 plus artists that made this book spectacular, Lisa Larsen for designing the cover and my brother in arms, Jeffro, for the late nights, beer drinking and making with the funny.
The contributors are: Concetta Barbera, Kristy Brennan, Marc Damicis, Bob Dix, Eamon Dougherty, Meg Dunn, Tim Durning, Joe Game, Andrew Hart, Sam Heimer, Andrew Hoffmann, Jeffro Kilpatrick, Christine Larsen, Melissa Lomax, Rich Marcej, Kyle Margiotta, Roger Petersen, James Pointdujour, Matt Wiegle, James Heimer, and Lisa Larsen. Reading over our roster of artists we cover some of the finest artists from not just comics and cartooning but from areas like design, greeting cards, animation, t-shirts, illustration and gig posters. Just click on some of the artists names and check ’em out!
Above: A detail of the wrap around cover featuring excerpts from all the artwork contained within. Lisa Larsen did an amazing job design duties.
Below: Earlier in the month I posted these three different pics as I opened the boxes containing these long awaited books. The response online was pretty awesome!

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