First Out the Door.

How a Cartoonist Salutes.
About two weeks ago I posted that the third anthology for the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society had just arrived at my doorstep. I couldn’t be prouder, or so I thought. Recently, my cousin Nick joined the United States Marine Corp, following in the footsteps of his father, my Uncle Tommy. Tommy has pulled two tours with a possible third in the future. My Aunt asked if family and friends would mind sending Nick mail, care packages and such, due to the fact that there is not much offered in the way of entertainment as he trains to defend our country . (Something I’ll try to remember the next time I check my Facebook status for the umpteenth time.) Melissa and I grabbed a copy of “Lotherly Brove” drew in it and shipped it right out. This was the first copy of the book I shipped out, couldn’t think of a better dude to send it to.
Hang in there Nick, your family is proud of you and as your Dad sez “Only a few pay periods left.”
Above: The little doodle Melissa and I drew in my cousin Nick’s copy of PCS Book 03. A little entertainment for him while he finishes boot camp.

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