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faun_ink_sketch_by_patch“I have so many names, names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am… [inutterable beastly and woodland sounds]. I am a faun.” – Pan’s Labyrinth

As I write this I’ve just wrapped up work on pieces for two exhibitions. They were celebrations for Mattel and Guillermo del Toro‘s Pan’s Labyrinth. I’ve found myself on a really strange and wonderful path. Exhibiting my work in California, New York and Mexico. I have always thought of myself as a cartoonist, but as the quote above states – Maybe it would be better to go by many names?

ABOVE: My contribution to Labyrinths and Monsters entitled “El Laberinto del Fauno”. On display now at Creatures Features. Medium: Ink washes and white acrylic on illustration board.
BELOW: My “Evil Forces of Skeletor” sticker packs for the Power of Mattel art show. Will be updating my store soon with new products.
patch_mattel2016_stickerpack_1024x1024Quite possibly the most amazing thing to come out of these past exhibitions has been the opportunity to show alongside of peers and mentors. Many of which I have admired throughout my career. At The Power of Mattel exhibition I had the opportunity share wall space with none other than Rudy Obrero. Many of you may know Rudy’s work from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe packaging. His beautiful paintings were a big part of my childhood, so honored to be in a show with him.
books_are_the_real_treasure_poster_by_patchABOVE: A poster with a quote from the one and only Skeletor. This poster and the original inks were on display for the Power of Mattel art show at Gallery 1988 West.
BELOW: Career highlights – showing alongside of Rudy Obrero (left) and Jorge R. Gutierrez (right). Such fantastic work!

With this last show, Labyrinths and Monsters, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Pan’s Labyrinth. I have fond memories of all my friends taking up two rows of the theater on opening night. So proud to have Faun himself, Doug Jones, in attendance at the opening. Also, to participate in a show alongside Jorge R. Gutierrez, the director of The Book of Life was, again, an absolutely wonderful honor.

Not to mention hanging (figuratively) with artists like Chogrin, Brendon Flynn, Tomas Hijo, Mizna Wada, Kyle Margiotta and Luke Flowers has been so much fun!
jorge-r-gutierrez_and_ruby_obreroThe info on the shows and galleries is posted below. If you happen to be in the L.A. area be sure to check them out. BIG thanks to Chogrin, Gallery 1988 and Creatures Features for orchestrating these events and inviting me along for the ride.

Labyrinths and Monsters

PH: (818) 842-8665

The Power of Mattel
GALLERY 1988 (West)
7308 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(West of La Brea)

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