Pre-Order “Raising Cain” Comic featuring the Brothers Brimm.

“Crap on a Cracker!” – Syrup
When we wrapped up production of the Brothers Brimm animated short I couldn’t wait to get back to telling stories featuring Waffles and Syrup. These two characters are really near and dear to me. I want to help them along their journey and see them through the many adventures ahead. With that said I am happy to announce the first comic featuring the Brothers Brimm titled “Raising Cain”. We join Waffles, Syrup, Necro and Suki a little further along the Lost Highway, moments after we left them in the cartoon.
When I wrote this I couldn’t help but hear their voices from the cartoon. John Dimaggio, was not only amazing to work with but solidified their personalities in his performance for our production. As did Jo Jo as the voice of Suki.
ABOVE: The cover art for the Brothers Brimm in “Raising Cain”. The first full-length comic featuring the Brothers Brimm.
BELOW: Art for the bookmark that comes FREE with every order.
If you know me, you know I’m a huge proponent of self-publishing, especially when it comes to comics. Some of my favorite cartoonists create and own their characters and self-publish their own books. I think it is the only way we will get NEW heroes/heroines and stories in sequential art that mean something to us. It is what I teach in the classroom and practice myself.
This has been truly a labor of love and I am extremely excited to share it with everyone.
I am opening up pre-orders on the first issue of the comic. This will help with the initial run and give and me and idea of what kind of order to place with the printer. (Books are set to print and ship in July.) To sweeten the pot I am including a bookmark with Necro on the front and Waffles on the back. Also included with all the pre-orders will be an exclusive lino-cut print. The two-color print features the Necronomicon. This piece was originally a part of the production art for the animation and based on an early concept of Necro.
ABOVE: The exclusive lino-cut print that is included with every pre-order of the comic.

Lastly, this comic features the very first appearance of Bigg Redd. Redd appears in a scene that had to be cut from the original script for the cartoon. I cannot wait for you to meet him and see his story unfold.
I want to thank everyone that watched the cartoon, has supported these characters and my efforts throughout the years. This is one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on and I couldn’t see it through with out the support of so many fellow creatives.

BELOW: A preview of the comic “Raising Cain” featuring the Brothers Brimm and a description of the book. Click on the images below to enlarge and scroll though.

“Raising Cain” Comic Book featuring the Brothers Brimm $5.00 (+ shipping)
“Raising Cain” is the follow up comic to the award-winning animated short featuring the Brothers Brimm. Join Waffles, Syrup, Necro, and Suki moments after the credits of the cartoon as they make their way along the Lost Highway looking for the Town of Redemption. This go-round they learn more about the Book of the Dead, meet some disgruntled ghosties, and we get the first appearance of Bigg Redd.
Each pre-order of the 28 page, black and white, manga-sized (5.25 inches by 8.125 inches) comic book comes with a bookmark and a FREE two color, signed and numbered, lino-cut print of the Necronomicon.
(A total value of $16.00!)

Books are set to print and ship in July.
Click here to pre-order the book or check out the Store link above.






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