Grateful Eight.

3rd_eye_grateful_001_finish_to_postLooking Forward
Each year we make resolutions, plan the year ahead, focus on change. I just want a little more of the same.
If you read this or if you know me then you know that in 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer and you also know that I have been cancer free now for the better part of 8 years, 8 years. I’m grateful, thankful and have really tried to enjoy everything that has come my way. Especially this last year. The year that I got married.

To say we waited is putting it mildly. To say that dwarves from Middle-earth could have forged the ring that sits on my left hand quicker than the nearly 16 years it took to get it there…well that’s a little more accurate. Nerdy, but accurate.

It needed to be special and (even 2 months later) I can honestly say it was the most special day ever.
I am forever grateful for that day. I want a little more of that.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to put a stopper in the year that was 2015.
I believe in the new, I look forward to the new. New is good.

To that end, above is a new direction, a new character and a little bit of a new take on the single panel cartoon. I think I found a totem in “3rd Eye”. She’s a big-eyed, cute adventurer that sees things both as they are and how she would like them to be. She says what she means, without apology. If you’re wondering how a 42 year old dude could claim this as his totem? Well you’ve never met my wife. I just have to look over at the desk across from mine for inspiration, adventure and laughs.

So if I’m a little too happy, a little too “half full”, I make no apologies.
I like my art like and my life like I like my comic book movies – unapologetic!

I tip my hat, raise my glass, whatever, to the year that was 2015. I look forward with a 3rd Eye towards the future. May it be sprinkled with the best parts of what came before but taste entirely new.

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