The real Star of Star Wars.

Here is my one sentence, one image review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
Drops the bowcaster…
chewie_got_a_movieAbove: “Chewie Got a Movie”, pen and ink on Bristol with digital greys and color.

• Had the best lines of dialogue…even if only three people understood them.
• Has the best weapon. Only took Han 30 years to figure it out.
• Only character to do any real damage to the main villain.
• Blew up an entire planet/weapon/Death Star-thingy. (I know it’s called Starkiller.)
• Haven’t heard a “Waaaaaaaaaagh” like that since Han was frozen in carbonite.
• “And the Oscar goes to…”
• Better watch out Kylo Ren. Never mess with a Wookie.
• Chewbacca – the definition of “wing man”.

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