Monster Monday 26.

Fremlins Part One: The Creation
This week’s Monster Monday was a month in the making. My buddies over at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop in Olde City allowed me to takeover their front window for the month of November. I have always loved this particular design, so I translated it into a sculpture. After reading the “Street Art Cookbook” I borrowed the tape sculpting technique of Mark Jenkins and tweaked it to fit my design.
Above: Melissa and I had a blast doing a photo shoot on our front lawn. I used several of the pics for signage for the display.
Below: A step by step with photos.

Step One: Seek and Destroy

I took this old ceramic Panda Bear and knocked his block off, literally. I re-purposed this piece by sculpting over top the face with tin-foil and Super Scupley. I then removed the head to bake it. After baking the Sculpey is rock hard and can take a beating. I had to simplify the original design a bit in order for it to read better when I covered it in tape.

Step Two: Mummification
After gluing the two pieces of the head back onto the ceramic sculpture I cover it in Plastic Wrap. Then I wrap every each with clear tape. The Plastic Wrap keeps the tape from sticking to the sculpt. I wrapped about 2 to 3 layers around the entire thing. I am still amazed that the tape is able to retain the shape of the original and at the same time durable enough to withstand cutting and painting. Once it is completely covered I spray-painted it black.

Step Three: Dissect, Reanimate and Repeat
I then added the collaged element of the heart and hand-painted the skull with white acrylic. I took my x-acto knife and cut along the seams of the arms, legs and sides of the body to remove the tape sculpture from the ceramic sculpt. I pieced it back together, sometimes changing the position of the arms and legs, and taped it back together. A few little touch-ups with black spray-paint and its ready to go. I created ten of these guys for the window at Brave New Worlds. I made several seated, standing and in mid-stride in order to have a bunch of different poses for the display. I also created some tape-type (ALIVE) and a spray-paint stencil of the character.
The stencil was used by Melissa and myself for our contribution to this year’s Halloween Bags for the The Children’s Crisis Treatment Center of Philadelphia (CcTC). Every year the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society hand-draws and paints dozens of trick or treat bags for the kids every Halloween. You can see more of them here.

5 thoughts on “Monster Monday 26.

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  3. LOVE him/them! What a unique technique! A lot more creative than using tape to make tape fingernails (something I may have done as a child).

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