Monster Monday 28.

Fremlins Three: Beyond Thunderdome.
The response to the installation has been great. Had so much fun this past Friday at the opening and there has been a bunch of new traffic to the site. The Fremlins will be resting comfortably at Brave New Worlds until the end of the month. After that we plan on giving them away, so be sure to sign up for the raffle next time you are in Old City.
And remember there are just three rules to having a Fremlin as a pet:
1. Keep them away from electricity.
2. They really, really hate fire.
3. I wouldn’t encourage them to play with small children near large bodies of water.
Above: A pen and ink sketch I did while I was working on the Fremlin sculpts.
Below: The design for the Fremlin sticker that they are currently giving away at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop.

5 thoughts on “Monster Monday 28.

  1. That’s very kind of you. I’ll, hold off in order to let BNW’s actual customers get a proper shot at them. I must say that they are really great though.

    I’m going to follow your blog. I’m looking to tune up the monster suit this year and hit a bunch of conventions. If you’ve got anything cooking when the season comes around, I’d love to spread the word for you. Great stuff!

  2. All right here’s the deal. If you contact the shop (Brave New Worlds – Olde City Philadelphia, PA) and I draw your name for the raffle…I’ll ship you one! Can’t deny a dude with a “monster mobile!” And be sure to spread the word! Thanks!

  3. Hmm….my monster also has an aversion to fire & electricity. As I am sadly stranded in Ohio and cannot reach BNW, would there be any way that I could possibly enter the raffle?

    A Fremlin would make an excellent mascot to ride along in my monster mobile. I would gladly help spread the word.

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