Monster Monday 27.

Fremlins Two: Setting Them Free
Last Sunday I headed down to Brave New Worlds for installation. I had the photo-magician Concetta Barbera with me for the assist. The awesome dudes at BNW had already pulled some product so all I had to do was mingle my art with their commerce. It took us about and hour to place everything, move stuff around and secure it all for the month ahead. A “happy accident” was that my little Fremlin sculpts look like toys and fit in with all the other product quite nicely. Myself and several friends will be displaying some artwork on the walls of the shop this First Friday. Be sure to drop in to check out the show and the display in the front window!
Above: Truly a collaborative effort between myself and Brave New Worlds. Photo: Concetta Barbera.
Below: Through the looking glass. It was really important to me that some of the creatures invited you in to look at the window and at the same time hide a few in with the products from the store.

Above: It’s Alive! I created a bit of type using the same process I used for the sculpts. The little bit of typography helps tie everything together. Photo: Concetta Barbera
Below: Installing these little guys took me back to when I was a kid and would set up all my Transformers and G.I. Joes for the ultimate battle. Photo: Concetta Barbera

Above: I was really happy with how the Fremlins looked like actual toys. Photo: Concetta Barbera

Below: Give ’em a good home! We will be giving away nine of the Fremlins at the end of November. Just drop by the store and sign up its FREE!


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