Monster Monday 17.

Monster Monday 17 is another experiment in Flash. It is a bit on the rougher side in terms of animation but I have to tell you it has been a lot of fun seeing some of my artwork move around and talk. It has also been really interesting incorporating some of the earlier and more traditional animation techniques. It doesn’t feel like work when you are pouring over drawings of Scooby Doo, Batman and Yogi Bear.
Above: The finished character was created in Photoshop. I like to use traditional drawing/inking and hand-made textures for my digital colors.

Above: A screen capture of the twelve (12) different mouth positions I used for the animation.
Below: The first cut of the animation. I think I want to add a few more mouth positions, blinks and pupils.

2 thoughts on “Monster Monday 17.

  1. Melissa – I cannot thank you enough! Really couldn’t have finished it with out ya! You’re the best! Glad you like it. I have plans for a few more if time permits. Got some great feedback from my buddy in animation, William, on how to make it a little more seamless. Can’t wait to try it out! Love you!

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