Monster Monday 16.

Making a Mark.
As an instructor at two different colleges here in Philly (University of the Arts and the Antonelli Institute) I often give demonstrations in different types of  media. My all time favorite is my marker demo. I gather my class around an art desk and in about 15 minutes or so I’ll churn something out -usually some kind of monster or creature.  While drawing I like stress to my students how important it is to get your ideas and concepts down on paper as  fast as you can. I also like them to figure things out in a color medium (markers, paints, etc…) before sitting down at the computer. There are too many color options in programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. When you are just starting out it is good to have a “road map” (a.k.a. a color comp) to assist you in making  the best use of your time.
Above and Below: Two marker demos from class. They were completed in Berol Prismacolor markers, colored pencils, ball-point pens and white-out.

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