Monster Monday 18.

This week’s Monster Monday (18 and counting) comes right off my art desk. Whenever I am starting a new project where I have to ink I’ll start one of these. It’s kinda like a sketchbook page, I get to warm up a bit while I practice the inks. They are very stream of consciousness, whatever pops into my head winds up on the drawing board. It is influenced by the music or movie I am listening to in the studio (thank you very much Mr. Kilpatrick and Mr. Hart).  These things start to take on a life of their own and I wind up finishing them before the piece I might be working on. Where they may hinder my productivity slightly, they more than make up for it in getting the creativity going. A fair trade off in  my book.

Above: Rapidographs, Microns and ball-point pens on Strathmore Bristol (smooth).

Above: Rapidographs on Strathmore Bristol (smooth).
Below: Rapidographs on Denril Multi-media vellum drafting film.


4 thoughts on “Monster Monday 18.

  1. Love the “Monster Monday” concept! Monsters are so fun to draw, and yours are awesome. Cheers to a fellow monster-lover!

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