Monster Monday Debut (follow up)

My Friends are Awesome!
Anytime you start something new, especially a creative endeavor such as a comic strip, you’re a little apprehensive. Goes with the territory. So like anything I do I shared it with my artist friends first. I have only posted  two strips and already have had close to two hundred views, about a dozen shares and many of my friends have taken their likenesses from the comic and made them their Facebook  profile pics! My friends are just about the greatest group of people on the planet.
On that note, I like to thank Mr. Ed McKeogh. Ed not only went above and beyond with sharing the strip but added something really special to the Monster Monday world. Ed, a truly talented artist, created a self-portrait in the same vein as the portraits I have been sharing on the interwebs. He also said some really, really nice stuff about yours truly and my work. THANK YOU ED! (Philly misses you.)
Above: Some portraits from the most recent strip. (L to R: Eamon, Sam, James and Tim)
Bel0w: My buddy Ed drew himself and included some of the characters that will be making appearances in Monster Mondays. Also, some of my good friends have been making their “Monsters” their Facebook profile pics.

Monster Mondays updates every Monday at

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