Monster Monday 19.

“Rain-Magic featuring Johnny Boo and Squiggle”
The art above is my contribution to The Kochalkalypse, happening this weekend here in Philly. There will b a book signing and musical performance in celebration of the release of “Fungus”, a new comic by James Kochalka. I have been a fan of Jame’s work for quite some time and think he is a pioneer when it comes to autobiographic works such as his daily comic “American Elf.” A big thanks to Box Brown and the folks at Philly Comix Jam for allowing me to participate. The art show opening is at my favorite comic shop, Brave New Worlds, in Old City on September 2nd from 6pm to 9pm. James Kolchalka will be on hand signing issue one of “Fungus.”

2 thoughts on “Monster Monday 19.

  1. This one was an absolute blast to work on. The show opening was last night and the gang that I was exhibiting with is a group of really nice and very talented folks. You can expect a a lot more pieces on the vintage papers. Thanks.

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