A Rewarding Month.

As we wrap up this month it feels like it flew by. But I wanted to take a moment and share some awesomeness.
First, my book “I Put the Can in Cancer: A Journey Through Pictures” went off to the printers. Many of you know this has been a labor of love nearly two-years in the making. There are still a few hurdles in terms of shipping, promotion and distribution, but it is done. You can see a previous post about the book here. I’ll be posting some book release events in the next few weeks.
Joe and I were so excited as we approached the conclusion of the design process that we entered the book into Adobe Design Achievement Awards for 2011. We were fortunate enough to place as semifinalist. Check out the fancy-smancy certificate. (Big thanks goes out to Coyote for helping us get that bad boy out the door to the printer.)
I have been working on a bunch of pieces for upcoming shows; A Kochalka Tribute piece, a Lovecraft inspired piece, a Day of the Dead piece for an exhibition in Mexico and a bunch of comics/cartooning stuff. On that note it was pure awesome that the Philly Weekly did a little article on our art soiree last week you can read about it here and you can see my post about it here.
Lastly, I was honored to speak with Kaitlyn Foti at the Chestnut Hill Patch site. We talked about art, cartooning and our neighborhood. It was a ton of fun and you can read the story she wrote here. I’m really looking forward to the possibility of working with them on some super fun stuff in the future.
August also saw the end of the Summer Program at the University of the Arts, where I taught an Illustration course this semester. The gang I taught was uber-creative and a blast to teach each and every week! I also got a gift of a sweet new sketchbook from one of the students. (Thanks again Evie!)
I will be posting a bunch of new images from the book and upcoming art shows in the following weeks. So check back often and thanks to everyone that has been posting comment and following.
Above: The Chestnut Hill Patch wrote an article featuring…Patch.
Below: The award we received for “I Put the can in Cancer: A Journey Through Pictures” from Adobe.

On the inside cover of the book is the “Official Cancer Card.” Please print, re-post and e-mail to anyone you know that might need it. Designed by Joe and myself, encouraged by Sarah.

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