Talkin’ and Walkin’

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A Beautiful Day
In September I was honored to speak at the David Nasto Memorial Walk for Oral Cancer. I read from my book, talked with fellow survivors and drew my butt off. In the past I have spoken to all types of groups about the making of my book; cancer survivors, caregivers, even classrooms full of art students. This was the first time I had ever spoken in front of a group of people affected by the same disease I was diagnosed with back in 2007. I met and talked with some of the strongest, most amazing people ever. It was enlightening and empowering. That day changed my perspective and definitely changed my life. On top of all that we were able to raise some money AND awareness! As part of the fundraising I raffled off an appearance in my comic, Monster Mondays. You can see the finished comic here.
A big thanks goes out to Susan Nasto Lauria for her dedication and for organizing such a wonderful event. I would also like to thank my fellow authors, Itzhak Brook, MD and Eva Grayzel, for their inspiring words.
If you would like to make a donation to the 2013 Walk just click here.
Above: A slideshow of pics from the day’s events.

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