Greeting Cards

As a designer and illustrator I have created more than 300 greeting cards. Working at a design studio I was able to wear many hats. I have worked as a staff artist and designer and later as a creative director. My responsibilities have included preparing presentations for clients such as Costco, Staples and many of the Allied Department Stores. My designs regularly sell in the top ten for my clients and repeat from year to year. I am often asked to create “come-backs’; which are additional designs inspired by my earlier top-selling cards. Currently, I design and illustrate greeting cards for an array of wonderful freelance clients. I offer all my greeting card and gift ware clients a “studio approach”, allowing them to select from a multitude of styles and finishing techniques.

Clients Include: Costco, Walmart, Staples, Rite Aid, Allied Department Stores, Progressive Greetings Inc., Marian Heath Greeting Cards, Paramount Cards, Legacy Greetings, Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CcTC)