Putting it all out on Front Street.

bb_page_03_panel_06_by_patchOne of the things I have really embraced about being an artist in this day and age is the transparency of it all. The ability to share your process, your ups and downs, the daily tribulations and rewards to being an illustrator, designer, author in the world we live in. I like the idea of participating in the discussion about Creatively Surviving.

With that being said, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. Share a bit more than I am comfortable with, share something unfinished, something truly in the works, something at the real beginning stages.

Above: One of my favorite panels so far from the upcoming Brothers Brimm comic Raising Cain.
Below: The inspiration for the new Brimm story I am working on. On the left is a photo of a shell that we picked up on our honeymoon. On the right is the sketch of a character inspired by the shell that lead to the creation of the story/script.

aruba_shell_pic_and_kevin_sketchI am currently finishing up the production side of printing the first Brothers Brimm comic titled Raising Cain. Production and design can be the more tedious parts of making a comic. Laying out the pages, adjusting the lettering, and tweaking the greys can go on forever. As a result I started the next script for a Brothers Brimm comic, an untitled short story. I get distracted easily and move from project to project when I should be finishing things. But then I thought – share it as you work on it. It might be the thing that will lend it focus, get it done, and at the very least add a level to my transparency as a creative. I’ve never shared the writing process, just the image-making process. At a lecture I was giving a while back I was referred to as an author and it kind of freaked me out. I’m a picture-maker, but I sure do love telling stories, so okay, author it is.

Here you go. The unfinished beginnings of a new comic script and some of the inspiration for the story. As it moves along I’ll update the changes, the things that are working and, more importantly, the things that are not. Lastly, I may even share the notes from my wife, Melissa Lomax. In everything I’ve written to date, hers are the last eyes to see it. She is one of the most brilliant artists/writers I know AND she always includes doodles. She’s really great about punching up endings and fleshing out the characters and their motivations. I don’t have an editor, but if I did I’d want Lomax.

Below: The first three pages of the next Brothers Brimm comic. There is also a link to .pdf of the script if you would like to download it. The format of my scripts is very similar to the format we used for the script to the animated short.

bb_drawing_of_a_three-1 bb_drawing_of_a_three-2 bb_drawing_of_a_three-3Here is a link to a .pdf of the script if you’d like to download it:




6 thoughts on “Putting it all out on Front Street.

  1. William, THANK YOU so much man. This would not have been possible without you. As soon as the book is done I’ll get you one. Let’s chat soon! Cheers!

  2. It’s SO awesome to put your work out there as it’s in progress! As a fellow creator (and your wife) I know how brave that really is ❤ It's truly exciting to see your artwork come to life in both the 'Brothers Brimm' animation and upcoming comic… hold onto your hats, it's going to be an adventurous ride!

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