2013-01-28-ThINKing-CapThis looks to be a comics filled summer for yours truly. As I finish up the first Brothers Brimm comic I am also getting geared up to teach a boatload of courses and workshops. One of the workshops I am most excited about is a Comics Boot Camp I will be hosting on August 8th through to August 12th at the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts. Each of the five, three hour long sessions will cover a variety of topics such as character design, panel layouts, inks and finishing techniques. We are also looking to create comic strips and pages and collect them into a book.

Above all we will have time in the studio to create comics and tell stories through our artwork.

I have a long relationship with Kathy Davis, the wonderful people at Kathy Davis Studios and the newly formed Scatter Joy Center for the Arts. This relationship goes beyond the fact that my wife has worked at Kathy Davis Studios for nearly a decade. These are some of the most thoughtful, creative and wonderful people I’ve ever had a chance to meet and work with. They did a lot for myself and Melissa while I was sick and recovering. They’ve given my students opportunities for critiques and exhibitions outside the classroom. Most recently my wife and I attended a workshop at the art center hosted by Ashley McD. It was such a blast and I learned some sculpting techniques that I later shared with a few of my classes.

So in turn, I’m donating my time to teach their first ever Comics Boot Camp. Please know that the entire tuition is going right to the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts with a little put aside to print a few books. It’s important that local art centers like this one stay open, stay viable and are able to lend their support to local artists. It is even more important that local artists find the time to lend a hand to these institutions and help the next generation of artists find a community. You just have to glance at their website to see that their mission to “provide community service through the arts” and that “art makes a difference” to know why I am excited to participate.

The Comics Boot Camp is open to ages 11+ and will be held Monday, August 8th through to Friday, August 12th from 3pm to 6pm. You can find out more about the Workshop, enrollment and the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts here at their website –

Scatter Joy Center for the Arts
305 Horsham Road
Horsham, PA 19044

Please share this if you know someone from the area that might be interested.

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