With Love, From the bottom of my Pixel HeART.

james_top_ten_finish_to_postGame (Not) Over
I’ll  be honest, the last time I held a controller in my hands I was playing MediEvil and Oddworld on the original Playstation. So when I was asked to be a part of the Pixel Hearts Art Show at Gallery 1988 I decided to consult an expert. I reached out to my 6 year old nephew James and simply asked “What are your Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters?”. James got to work and as any good Art Director might do, he supplied me with a list stating “These are the best!”.
I started sketching, had to research a few, but was happy to see a lot of familiar names on the list. The classics are just that, classic! He approved my sketch and I was underway. This was a big bucket of awesome to work on! The great Art Directors always make it so easy and enjoyable.

Above: My contribution to the Pixel Heart Show at Gallery 1988 titled “James’ Top Ten”.
Below: The art direction I received from my 6 year old nephew James. Happy to report I knew most of these characters and it was fun discovering Octodad!

james_listMy piece, “James’ Top Ten”, will be on display at Gallery 1988 (West) along with over 100+ artists paying tribute to all that is pixel. The opening reception is tonight (02/05/16) in Los Angeles, from 7pm to 9pm. Check out the postcard below for additional information. A big thanks goes out to Chogrin, Gallery 1988, Prints on Wood and, of course, James for all his help.

Below: The process for my piece along with the postcard for the exhibition.

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Here’s a great write up on the show from the Prints on Wood blog.

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