Metal! (\m/)

master_master_on_wood_to_postAs an instructor I get asked “How do you get into art shows?”
My response has always been “I just show up.”

Case in point –
This past holiday season I went to a faculty gathering at Matt Curtius‘ studio. Matt is a great dude and an extremely talented artist. Many of the faculty sat around his studio (that he shares with Martha Rich) and talked about art, teaching and the holiday ahead. While we chatted, Shawn Hileman, designer and owner of Masthead Print Studio, asked if I wanted to participate in an upcoming Heavy Metal themed show, Heavy Metal Art: You Just Don’t Get It Mom. I believe I shot him a pair of devil-horns and said “I’m in.”
See, I just showed up.

Above: One of my two contributions to the exhibition. “Master, Master” is a laser-burned print of two of my most treasured things, Metallica and Frankenstein.
Below: Had to submit one of favorite demons (Syrup) rockin’ out to AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)”.
hail_hail_syrup_to_postNow I’m in a show with a bunch of super-talented people.
I’ve had a chance to get a sneak peek at fellow faculty, Kevin Mercer‘s, and my neighbor Steve DeCusatis‘. Man, this is a shameless name dropping post this week! B
oth their pieces are super-rad and sure to inspire folks to hoist their lighters into the air. Honored and stoked to be part of this one.
11118835_10101211904645567_2267393973082494469_oAbove: The poster for the exhibition and the opening reception. \m/

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