Ugly and Brimm Collaborate on a bit of Awesome!

meep_and_driven_shirt_adI am extremely proud to announce that The Brothers Brimm is teaming up with Ugly Apparel to create two new, exclusive designs for a limited time. Below is the Press Release announcing the release of the shirts for pre-order. Be sure to check out the awesome give-aways throughout the next few weeks from both Ugly and Brimm. And the first 25 pre-orders will receive a 5 inch by 7 inch original piece of Brothers Brimm art!
Ugly Apparel + The Brothers Brimm = Awesome Shirt Designs.
These two Philly-based creatives team-up to collaborate on ‘toon inspire apparel.

Being creative is demanding; long hours, little pay; artistic road blocks; and of course there’s always that “Draw me something.” introduction at parties. But at its heart, being an artist is more of a calling or lifestyle as opposed to a typical nine to five. So it is important to find other like minded artists to collaborate. Collaboration may be the next creative movement, right next to Post Modernism and the Surrealists. That is, if Patch and Kelly have anything to say about it. They have recently teamed-up to produce two new Ugly Apparel T-shirts inspired by the Brothers Brimm, a comic and short animation created by Patch. On the surface you could ask “What does high end clothing design and a comic about two wayward demons have in common?” The simple answer is – the art. The longer answer is – two extremely dedicated creators/owners that want to take their original concepts to the next level. And they both know that in order to do that you need two things: a plan and some help.PatchProofmocksAbove: “Meep”! design by Ugly Apparel founder Kelly Meissner based on original concept art from the Brothers Brimm animated short. (Just click on the image to place an order.)

When we were wrapping up production on the Brothers Brimm I sent e-mails out to local creatives to see if they wanted to collaborate or team-up on something.” said Christian “Patch” Patchell, cartoonist and author. “Kelly (Ugly Apparel) was the first one to respond. She had just come off an extremely successful Kickstarter for the next phase of her clothing line.” Patch continued “I thought to myself, this is someone with a plan.” After their first meeting they knew they wanted to work together so the only thing to decide was – on what. “Clothing seemed like the logical extension for Patch’s IP as well as a means for Ugly to demonstrate its capabilities to collaborate with other creatives.” commented Kelly Meissner, founder of Ugly Apparel and an artist/designer as well. “We sat down and tried to design affordable and interesting designs that were in line with what Ugly has continued to do and what would work best for Patch and Brimm. We didn’t want to just throw characters on shirts and call it a day.” said Meissner.PatchProofmocksAbove: “Driven” design by the Brothers Brimm creator Patch. Translated from one of the production drawings for the award winning animated short. (Just click on the image to place an order.)

The result is two eye-popping, brand new designs that share the Ugly and Brimm name. Each is extremely affordable and designed by both artists. “You are basically getting the best of both worlds.” stated Patch, “You are getting a glimpse into the world of the Brothers Brimm through the eyes of Ugly Apparel.”syrup_free_art_sample
Above: An example of the artwork that will be gifted with the first 25 orders. Each piece measure approx. 5 inches by 7 inches and will be shipped out as completed.

These two new designs “Meep!” and “Driven” (pictured above) will be available for pre-order on September 13th, 2015. You can place your pre-order in our store. The first 25 orders will receive an original piece of art from Brimm creator Patch, pen and ink drawings of one of the main characters measuring 5 inches by 7 inches on archival bristol.
There will be giveaways and exclusive prizes throughout the pre-order from both
Brimm and Ugly. To be sure to stay tuned via this blog, facebook, twitter and instagram.

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