Life’s like a movie…

movie_night_to_postThe Brothers Brimm to play on the BIG screen as part of the Media Film Fest.
May 29th at 7pm @the Media Theatre for the Performing Arts

When I was a kid movies played a huge part in my upbringing. We had three local theaters in my neighborhood, all within walking distance of my house. These were small, single screen, Mom and Pop theaters. They were my home away from home on the weekends. In our house there wasn’t an official ‘movie night’ but we did all gather around the boob-tube every time one of our favorites was on. Some of my fondest family memories are of holidays filled with “The Wizard of Oz” and “Home Alone”, and of the massive repeat viewings of every Disney feature. In fact, maybe one of my most prized memories is one of my youngest sister, Jenna, and cousin David, dancing down the aisle of the Castor Movie Theater during Disney’s “The Jungle Book” as Balloo sung “Bear Necessities” at the conclusion of the film. Or the time that my Dad, brother and cousin Nancy stayed for a second viewing of “Bed-knobs and Broomsticks” unbeknownst to the employees of the mega-plex.
Cartoons and movies are part of my DNA, especially those strands that make up the art parts. So tomorrow night (Friday, May 29th) at 7pm when I sit down in the Media Theater, I will have popcorn and soda in hand, ready to watch a little cartoon called The Brothers Brimm, created by yours truly. Warning, the kid that grew up on all things movie might let out a little ‘yelp’ out of sheer giddiness.

Again, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone at the DAVE school for making this possible. I can only hope that I am making good on that promise I made to the awesome 22 at their graduation.

If you happen to be in the PA (my hometown) and are looking for a fun night, check out the offerings this weekend by the Media Film Festival. I might be a bit biased but Friday night looks like a wonderful line-up.

Info about the festival:
2015 Media Film Festival
Media Theatre Building
104 E. State Street, Media PA
The Brothers Brimm will be part of the line-up on Friday (5/29) starting at 7pm.
You can find more info about the fest, the schedule and ticket info at their site:

Above: New image of Waffles and Syrup to commemorate this auspicious occasion. It’s not everyday that you get to see your cartoon on the BIG screen in your hometown!
Below: So honored to be part of this year’s Media Film Festival. There are some really great shorts playing this weekend (5/29 and 5/30). You owe to yourself to check it out. Just look at that theatre!






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