Better Over It then Under It.


Pulling (No) Punches

So I reached a milestone birthday this year and one cannot help but wax nostalgic. I was thinking about my life over these four decades with an emphasis on the last two and how they relate to my career as an artist.
For almost twenty years I have been making art professionally and for the better part of that timeframe I have been an instructor. I am one fortunate dude, medical history and all.
I have some of the greatest friends, colleagues, students and clients on the planet.
I wrote a book, people seem to like it and the people that I wrote it for it seems to help them. There are days when I read my e-mails or Facebook I feel like John Grisham. There are other days that I wish no one needed to read a book like mine.
I’ve made a bunch of greeting cards, drew a bunch of comics and in between made some illustrations and designs for some pretty amazing, crazy and awesome clients.
After teaching for close to two decades I can honestly say it’s the greatest job in the world. My students are some of the funniest and talented people I know. It is with pride that I write that many of them have become some of my closest friends and colleagues.
When worlds collide, when teaching meets being an artist, there is a symmetry that lets me know I have finally struck a balance in my career. (I mean lifestyle. Art is a lifestyle, not a job, not a career but a lifestyle.) That symmetry makes for better art and a better artist.
When I stand in front of a classroom, conference room, auditorium, whatever, I have a confidence in my abilities that only comes with these years of experience. But also I have a nervousness that I hope never goes away. That nervousness that says “I still have more to learn”.
And as for regrets, none. No really not a one. I wouldn’t be here, right now if not for everything that has lead me right to this moment.
Okay, that’s not entirely true. When I was sick I had one really big regret that I told myself that when I got better I was gonna take care of that one.
And back in December of last year she said “Yes” and when she says “I do” you can expect and even happier dude and quite possibly another blog post like this one.

Below: Coinciding with this milestone birthday was my first foray into illustrating an album cover. Below is a slideshow of the creation of the artwork from start to finish. You can hear the album in its entirety here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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