Feeling Morose, Edwin Morose.

edwin_eastern_state_photo_sketch_2013Teddy Scares Exclusive at Eastern State Penitentiary.
If you’ve followed this blog or flipped through the portfolios you may know I have a long-standing working relationship with Applehead Factory, the creators of the Teddy Scares. A few days back I got word that they used one of my old sketches (from my in-house studio days) for the most recent Eastern State Penitentiary Exclusive. Teddy Scares has been creating these one of a kind bears for ESP for nearly a decade and yours truly has had a (severed) hand in several of the designs selected in the last couple of years. Edwin’s gonna look pretty agorable sitting on the ol’ toy shelf! You can find him at Eastern State’s site here or the Teddy Scares site here.
Hope you had a Haunted Halloween!
Yours Ghouly,
Above: My sketch for the new exclusive Edwin Morose next to the finished toy.
Below: A few Teddy Scare designs right from the ol’ sketchbook.

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