Feelin’ Pretty Creepy!

pretty_creepy_cover_wrapThe last month has been amazing. You can read here about our travels to SPX (the Small Press Expo). So Lomax and I are gonna kick off October right. Our art show, Pretty Creepy, will be at Atlantis the Lost Bar here in Philly. Perfect name, right?
We will be showing recent works both pretty and creepy. We will also be bringing along our zine of the same name. Atlantis is a great venue and the openings are always a ton of fun. If you happen to be from the area here’s a link to the event page. The opening reception is this Friday, 10/4, and the show will be on display all throughout October.
Consider yourself invited!
Above: Pic of the wrap around cover of our zine “Pretty Creepy”.
Below: Progress of my piece titled “Leaving Atlantis”, pen and ink on bristol board.

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2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Pretty Creepy!

    • Thanks man. I use Ticonderoga Red Erasable Checking Pencils. You can find them at Staples and some other office store chains. Got tired of grey and the red is pretty easy to remove from the final inks so I rarely erase. I also like how they look underneath when the inks are all finished. Cheers!

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