smal_talk_detail_to_postCOLLAB w/ LOMAX
This evening marks the opening reception for the smallTALK art exhibition. Melissa and I were chomping at the bit to participate in this one. We were each given a Field Notes sketchbook to jot down various bits and pieces of conversation and day to day life and created a finished piece inspired by those sketches. About two weeks ago Melissa and I compared notes, selected our favorites and designed a piece using the drawings directly from our books. What we came up with was a black and white, seemingly surreal comic strip that is basically a snapshot of our life life in May. Both the finished piece and the two of the sketches/doodles will be on display and for sale this evening and throughout the month at Jinxed in Philadelphia.
Big thanks to the gang from Phantom Hand for extended the invite!

Above: A detail of our piece “Unexpected…” – Pen and ink on Bristol board measuring 11 inches by 14 inches. I will post the complete piece along with some of the sketches as a follow up in the next few days.
Below: The postcard and press release for the smallTALK.

Inline image 1
This Saturday, June 22nd, Phantom Hand appeals to the voyeurs and people-watchers. Small Talk is an exploration of the awkward, forced, occasionally drunk, seemingly meaningless and yet necessary interactions we have with strangers every day. Participating artists will be asked to go out into the world – whatever bars, coffee shops, buses or dark alleys they may haunt – and sketch from life, maybe even eavesdrop and jot down snippets of conversation to be used in making of their final piece of artwork. Artists will be supplied with identical Field Notes brand memo-books to work in, and a page of this preliminary work will hang with each finished piece of art, both unifying the show and giving a rawer glimpse of the artists’ studies.
Opening Reception Saturday, June 22nd 6:00-10:00 PM
at Jinxed // 1050 N Hancock Street, Philadelphia // The Piazza at Schmidts
For more information and to see some sneak-peeks of the work for this show, visit the Facebook Event Page!

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