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Today was a benchmark day for me and my book. I have always thought of books as works of art meant to be admired and appreciated. So to have my book, my story, be included in a work of art…well that’s 100% pure serendipity. I discovered this recent project by artist Phil Hansen, he is creating piece comprised of stories about overcoming limitations. He himself overcame nerve damage in his drawing hand and continued creating art. His “embrace the shake” motto is one I share completely. I uploaded my story, the story behind my book, and today I got a mysterious text message from the artist himself. After a quick chat over the phone I saw my words included among the hundreds (probably thousands?) of stories that will be the foundation for this beautiful work.
I am honored, exhilarated, enthused and still in my pajamas.
Thank you Mr. Hansen.
You can check out the artist at work LIVE at this link.
Above: A little slideshow featuring some of my story.
Below: Video of Phil Hansen’s “Embrace the Shake” TED Talk.

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