DEMO-licious 2013

DEMO-licious 2013
As the semester comes to a close I was looking over some of the in-class demonstrations I gave throughout the year. I try to give 2 to 3 demos in every class that I teach. This year, since I was teaching more courses than ever before, I have a bunch of examples. One of the things about my demos is that I will instruct and start in a certain technique or process but I usually do not complete it in front of the class. This serves two purposes. The first is that I try and keep it short and simple and allow for as much time during class for the students to experiment with whatever we have just covered. The second, and more important, is that I have found that when you finish something in front of an entire class they seem to think that I want them to work exactly like I do and that their finishes should look like mine. I prefer leaving it open for interpretation, allowing them a bit of wiggle room to experiment and discover on their own. On the flip side, I wind up with a bunch of unfinished artwork. I decided to take many of these to finish and over the next few weeks/months. I will posting finished versions of some of these demos while citing the technique and the materials used.
Images above (clockwise):
“Hellbound Heart” – demo in digital painting, working with textures and layout.
“King Arthur No. 1” – character design and marker demo.
“Barbarian” – demo on adding digital colors and textures to your drawings.
“King Arthur No. 2” – character design and marker demo.
“Mumm Ra” – pen and ink demo.
“Boxer” – drawing with the Wacom tablet demo.
“Rawhead Rex” – demo in digital painting, working with textures and layout.

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