Celebrating 75 Years at Antonelli.

2012-08-20- Third-Time-is-a-Charm“It takes a long time to grow young.” Pablo Picasso
Yesterday students, faculty, alumni, friends and family gathered at the Wodemere Art Museum to honor the Antonelli Institute’s 75th Anniversary. I have been an instructor at the school for almost five years now and absolutely love the school, the faculty and, most of all, the students. More than 70 works are on exhibit highlighting the work of students, past and present, as well as artwork from faculty. There are even photos on display taken by the school’s founder, Severo Antonelli. Hundreds of people filled the Woodmere and I gotta tell ya it was a pretty amazing day. Personally, I was honored to share some very historic wall space with my students and good friends.
The exhibition will be up until February 24th.
If you are in the Chestnut Hill area you owe it to yourself to check it out!
Above: One of my two comics that are on display at the Woodemere.
Below: My favorite piece from the show by my best friend and fellow instructor Kyle Margiotta. This piece is titled “Embrace” and  belongs in a Museum.

Woodmere Card FBAbove: The invite for the exhibition designed by Antonelli Design alumni Mike Hrebin.
Below: My second comic that currently graces the walls of the Museum. The same walls that displayed the works of Violet Oakley!2012-08-13- The-Future-is-NOW

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