31 Days of Monsters (Day 21)

Day 21
Throughout this week I will be giving a few basic digital demos, so I opted to practice a little this evening. Took a doodle outta the old sketchbook and played with flat colors, textures and colored lines. He’s a little bright in some places, but all in all I kinda like him.  Think I’ll chain him to the front of the house to frighten the lil’ trick or treaters on the 31st?
Above: A finished digital sketch titled “Taur” – Roller pen and Photoshop colors.
Below: The four step process I used in coloring “Taur.” 1.) Take a doodle, scan it and clean it up. 2.) Lay in flat colors on one layer. I like to have some of my colors off-registered a bit. 3.) Add a few textures on separate layers. I use masks on each layer in case I want to move the texture around a bit. I will also  turn down the opacity and change the layer to “soft light.” 4.) I have been experimenting with coloring my lines in Photoshop. I really love the overall effect but it is taking some time to get use to outline colors other then black.

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