Necessary Evil.

“If you say something is a necessary evil, you don’t like it but you understand that it has to be accepted sometimes or it has to exist.”
– definition from
This past week was a doozy with meetings galore. Teaching at two different schools means two different faculty meetings. I think the total number of hours I logged in for meetings last week was something like 7 or 8 hours. So I did what any good-natured cartoonist would do; I doodled my heart out. What I wound up with was pages of notes littered with goofy creatures. Including a bunch of Cyclops drawings that made me giggle. I scanned them and quickly colored them in Photoshop for warm-ups the past two days and loved the results. Bring on the next meeting!
Above and Below: Doodles gone wild – An army of colorful Cyclops creatures to do my biding! Maybe I’ll make these guys into a series of pins or stickers?
(click on images to enlarge)

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