Buggin’ People.

Back in April I posted about my “Bug Off” print pictured above. It was a real treat to see it in the front window of the Phantom Hand Gallery on South Street. Just recently two designers sent me photos of their cubicles proudly displaying the print. I also just received an e-mail from a former student saying she couldn’t wait to put her copy of the print up in her art studio. I am pleased as punch that this little bugger is starting to take on a life of his own.  So hey, if you received on of these guys in the past, feel free to send me a pic and I’ll be happy to post it. If you are interesting in getting your own copy I have been including them FREE with copies of my book on sale here at my store.
BIG Thanks to Regina for sending me the pics and the awesome support.
Above: Regina’s cubicle at her job as a book designer. Love that I am in the company of Totoro!
Below: After seeing the print some of her friends asked where she got it, so I sent them a bunch. Pastoral landscapes, priests with mustaches and yours truly.
Below: Each of these are digital prints on newsprint and FREE with your purchase of my book.

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