Monster Monday 35.

“I was me but now he’s gone…”
– Fade to Black by Metallica
Nabbed some monster sketches from the ol’ pocket sketchbook  for this week’s Monster Monday (35 and IT’S ALIVE!!!). Lately, I have been experimenting with my inking, trying to find a way to keep it quick and looser.
Above: A quick sketch on the subject of the ever-present “inner voice” that all artists contend with, completed in Uniball pen. It is also the inspiration for the song lyric pulled from one of my favorites by Metallica. (You can take the kid outta Northeast Philly but you can’t take Northeast Philly outta the kid.)
Above: “Respectable” is a another sketch done in the Uniball pen. These roller ball pens are fun. I find that I don’t labor over the line and my drawings have a more gestural and animated quality.
Below: “Del Monstre” was completed in brown micron and using a Del Monte fruit sticker for the nose. Throughout my sketchbooks I will throw in stickers, create ink stains and glue in scraps of paper in order to have something to riff off of when I don’t know what to draw. It is a  great way to break  artist’s block!


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