Philly Draw-A-Thon 2012.

This past Saturday (June 9th) I had the pleasure of attending the first Philly Draw-A-Thon. This 24 hour event was created in conjunction with the Child’s Play charity (created by the gang at Penny Arcade) to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This event was the brainchild of three folks that really deserve a pat on the back. I tip my hat to Tom Panico, Caroline Boyd and Heather Vaughan for raising more than $600.00 in one day. They worked tirelessly to make everyone feel at home, have fun and kept the event running smoothly the entire day into the next.
About 35 artists gathered at UArts to draw their hearts out. There were gaming tournaments, thumping music and a never-ending flow of coffee.  As the oldest dude in the room I was floored by the energy and enthusiasm as soon as I sat down at my table to draw. I was inspired by these wonderful people  and I wound up staying way later than I planned just to finish one more drawing.
Above: My tribute to my new favorite cartoon “Adventure Time.” I was particularly proud of this piece, mainly because it sold right off the wall!
Below: My version of the character “Lobo” from DC Comics. In my perfect world the animated Lobo would be voiced by Rob Zombie.
I left about 9:30pm and the event was still going strong. (One of my students had created about 15 drawings by the time he left the next morning. Kudos to Ryan!) All in in all I had such a good time and was pleased to see so much camaraderie and unity among such a young group of talented individuals.
IT’S NOT TOO LATE! You can still make a donation. Donations of $10 or higher get an awesome drawing. It’s a great cause and the art is definitely worth checking out!
Below: My first piece of the day – “Thor.” This took about three hours, well worth the $10 donation. I think I might color this down the road?
You can see pics from the event and more importantly all the drawings created, here.
You can still make a donation here. (Until June 14th.)
Again my thanks goes out to Heather, Caroline and Tom. Should you guys decide to do this again you can count me in!
Cheers to every artist that attended, the wall looked beautiful!
Below: A little slideshow featuring some of the artwork and the participants at the first ever Philly Draw-A-Thon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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