My Book is at Brave New Worlds.

I just dropped off a couple of copies of my book “I Put the Can in Cancer: A Journey Through Pictures” at Brave New Worlds Comic Shop in Olde City. The guys at BNW, Brian and Rob, are longtime friends of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society and all-around awesome dudes. So if you happen to be in the area be sure to pop in and say “HI!” They always carry the latest in comics, graphic novels and toys.
A big supporter of local cartoonists, BNW has a spinner display dedicated to all the amazingly talented creators in the Philly area. Proud to be amongst friends!
Above: Two pics of the spinner display featuring the work of local artists and writers. Pretty stoked to share space with the dudes from South Fellini, the creators of “Moon Girl.”
Below: All the books I dropped off have a little sketch inside like the one below.

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