LP Joint No. 2!

A Collab That’s Trying to Spread a Little Sunshine.
A while back I debuted the first of the LP Joints; collaborations between myself and the lovely Melissa Lomax. This is the second one and is quite possibly my favorite piece of art that I have had a hand in all year. The wonderful folks at Kathy Davis Studios put together the “Positive Affirmations Gallery Show” to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation. All the artists created works based around uplifting and inspirational quotes. Melissa and I drew inspiration from something her father, James, would say from time to time. A little research proved that he was quoting an old nursery rhyme all those years. The participating artists are giving a portion of their sales to the foundation, an extremely worthy cause.
On a personal/creative note, as I was working on this design with Melissa it reminded me about everything I love about being creative. We both would sit in the studio, pass the piece back and forth, giggle and laugh at what  the other did, critique and push the other to make it better. Collaboration is at the heart of art, pushing aside ego in order to achieve creativity. Nothing beats that awesome feeling at the end when it all comes together; it’s a mix of enlightened surprise and casual familiarity.
After the works come down from the hallowed halls of Kathy Davis Studios they will travel a bit to local libraries and such to further the goal of raising awareness and funds.  A big thanks to KDS, the Sunshine Foundation, everyone that helped put this show together and to everyone that purchased works.
Above: A pic of the final print. it is a three color, limited edition silkscreen. A ginormous THANKS goes out to Mr. James Heimer for the printing! (Go buy something from him please.)
Bel0w: A little slideshow of the pencils, inks and finished colors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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