It’s called artWORK…

Not artEASY!

For the last four months I have had the honor of displaying my work at the Phantom Hand Gallery here in Philly, located on the famous South Street. Phantom Hand was started by a group of young artists as part of the Arts on South program. These aren’t any young artists mind you, all of them are alumni of the University of the Arts Illustration Department where I am a Senior Instructor. Several of them were in the very first class I taught at UArts. Not only is their brilliant work on display but they have all gone above and beyond to include some of the most talented artists in the area. I’m not just saying that because my work is hanging on the walls, go there, check it out for yourself, hands down the best gallery in the city. They have opened their doors and shared their walls with print-makers, designers, painters, sculptors and cartoonists from all over my city of neighborhoods. Many of the artists participating are from their alma mater (mine too!).
Come to think of I cannot remember seeing more work by University of the Arts graduates outside of the university itself, ever. (Bravo gentlemen!)
I am happy to report that at the conclusion of their four-month lease they received an extension due to all their diligent effort and hard work. So for the next four months, pretty much the summer of 2012, if you want to see the best of the art scene here in Philly you need to take yourself over to 6th and South, 604 South Street to be exact. I assure you, you won’t regret it.
Suffice to say as the former instructor of a few of them, I am extremely proud. More importantly as an artist here in Philly I am honored to have my work hang alongside of all of theirs.
Phantom Hand Gallery is Sam Heimer, Anthony Pedro, James Heimer, Eamon Dougherty and Alex Eckman-Lawn.
Above: Hanging in the window of Phantom Hand Gallery facing all of South Street is this print by yours truly.
Below: A detail of the print entitled “Bugger.”

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