Who’d a Thunk It?

As I just about wrap up my taxes and look over the recent blog posts I have come to a realization: I’m a fine artist? Don’t get me wrong I’m not trading landscapes for monsters any time soon, but I have shown in more galleries over the last year or so than ever before. If you would have asked the twenty-something me if I thought this was a possibility I would have scoffed. But the thirty-something me is pleased as punch. I am taking the stuff I do for fun (just look over the last few posts) and throwing it up on a wall somewhere (anywhere) and folks kinda like it. This month is no exception, I will have work in two different art shows.
The first is Phantom Hand Gallery on South Street. This gallery was created by a group of my former students. The shows have been amazing and the openings have been some of the best I have ever attended. I couldn’t be prouder of Sam, Eamon, Anthony and Alex. It feels like just yesterday Sam punched the wall during a particularly fun critique.
The second is Art Unleashed held annually at the University of the Arts, where I am both faculty and alumni. This is another amazing exhibition and I am stunned at the talent I get to hang alongside. Namely my brothers and sisters from the PCS; Paul Palcko, Jeffro Kilpatrick, Kyle Margiotta and  Christine Larsen.
Proof that if you love what you do you never work a day in your life.
Above and Below: Three of the pieces on display as part of  Phantom Hand’s “Mythology and the Forgotten Gods” art show that will be on display until the end of the month.
Below: My submission to this year’s Art Unleashed. The work will on display until April 14th. You can check out the show at the online gallery here. Read more about the piece and see it it in stages here.

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