Face for Radio.

8:11am (Central), 9:11am (Eastern)
Last week yours truly sat down, pajamas on and coffee in hand, and was interviewed by Greg Berg from NPR Chicago. We chatted about my book, comics and sketchbooks. It was all pretty surreal – each time he asked a question in his awesome radio baritone I had a bit of an out of body experience. We spent the better part of the hour talking about the creative process and what it means to be an artist in this day and age. Here’s hoping that folks driving to work tomorrow in Chi-Town and the surrounding area dig what they hear. For all of the rest of us that don’t live in the windy city we can tune in on the interwebs!
Big thanks goes out to Steve Berg for setting the wheels in motion.
Above: A screen shot of UArts website promoting the release of the book! It’s good to be alumni!

Above: The listing for the interview as it appears on Greg Berg’s homepage for the radio show.
A synopsis of what we discussed, check back here for a link to the archive when it goes live.


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