Proud to be Published Part 02.

“Funny, the Day was so Hectic…”
As an instructor I utilize countless times in the classroom. Their lectures are among the best in the business; informative, educational and extremely entertaining. I have brought everyone from Stephan Sagemeister to Espo into my classroom thanks to Ted. So when they were looking for Philadelphia artists to contribute to their program for TedXPhilly I jumped at the chance. I thought of it as my way of giving back to an organization that I truly enjoy. The design of the program was amazing I was extremely honored to be among some of the most talented artists in Philly, representing our city of neighborhoods. It featured a wide array of guest speakers from my area to discuss what a wonderful, creative and forward thinking place my hometown is to live and work. I topic I truly believe in.
My contribution to the TedXPhilly Program a reproduction of my “Kong” print.

Below: The cover to the program – so happy to be part of such an awesome event.

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