Monster Monday 33.

Last week  I put together an online store in order to sell my recently released book and some of my prints. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog you may have noticed the new buttons on the right-hand side. I hadn’t had the store up for more than a day when I received notification of my first sale. It has been a blast filling orders and sending packages out the door. I have been signing and drawing in books all week. I also have been including various trading cards, posters and stickers along with every order. I am just really appreciative of everyone that has taken the time to make a purchase.
In designing the banner I wanted to utilize some hand-done type but also have it link visually to my artwork. So I made each letter-form a little creature or character all their own. Keep your peepers peeled on this here blog for give-aways, discounts and new releases as the storefront develops. Thanks to everyone that has placed an order already!
Above: The new sign for the shop! (The banner I designed for the new patchworx store.)
Below: A detail of the pen and ink artwork created for the design. This was demo I gave in class on how to do type by hand and give it a lil’ character!

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