Proud to be Published Part 01.

I have had the good fortune to work with some really talented people. Recently my good buddy, William Vaughan, wrote THE book on digital modeling. I have worked on several projects with William including a pitch to Fox for an animated show. William’s clients have included everyone from Pixar to Lightwave. Lightwave is one of the premiere programs utilized in the creation of digital modeling. William has acted as a consultant for the company and has been teaching the program for years to those interested in the pursuit of careers in digital modeling.

With William’s support and help I was able to make animation pitches to both Spike TV and Nickelodeon. So needless to say when he asked if he might be able to use one of my characters and some of my artwork for his book I was honored. You can purchase his book entitled “[digital] Modeling” through Amazon. It is “a practical, easy-to-follow guide on what it takes to work as a 3D artist,” perfect for the professional and the enthusiast.
Above: Yours truly made the first few pages outlining the definition of “digital modeling.” Talk about being honored.
Below: Another portion of the book shows the breakdown of the modeling process from thumbnails to finished model. The “Patchkey Kids” never looked so kewl!


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