Monster Monday 32.

Sometimes sketches and doodles take on a life of their own. I will often have a scrap piece of Bristol board or sketch paper to practice on while inking. I’ll draw a doodle (usually a monster) directly with a brush to warm-up a bit and try to get a good line going. I started with the head on this guy and just couldn’t stop there. After the portrait was in place I grabbed a pencil and quickly sketched the body. Four days later, while I should have been working on a bunch of other stuff, he emerged triumphant from battle. I added the skulls in the background towards the end as if he’s haunted by those he has slain. Mind you he’s not so haunted that he cannot use the femurs of the dead for buttons on his tunic! Looking him over now he strikes me as the sum of my influences; equal parts Henson, Harryhausen and Lobel with a dash of Addams.
Above: “Cyclops No. 2” completed in Higgins India ink using a Winsor Newton Series 7 brush on Bristol board.

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