Feelin’ Fortunate this Holiday Season.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” -Thomas Merton

Just finished up an interview about my work and the release of the book. They requested a portrait and I emailed them page one. Guess you could say the entire book is a self-portrait. I made several of these sketches as we were working on the design and layout of the book. I always tell my students “Work it out in your sketchbook.” I had no idea that my sketchbooks would lead down such a rewarding path. This year has proven how fortunate I truly am.
At the book release I had the amazing opportunity to talk to a fellow survivor. We chatted about diagnosis, treatments and our care-givers. When we broached that last subject there was a twinkle of shared experience. I looked around the room and told him I knew I had a family of supporters but I never in a million years thought it was so big.
They don’t make a box big enough for that.
Holiday Cheer and Good Drawing to all my Friends and Family.
Above: A quote from Thomas Merton emailed to me by local writer Emily Brooks and a self-portrait of a humbled and truly fortunate artist.



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