Home is where the Art is.

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Here is a project I have been chipping away at it my down time. I have always had an affinity for one-panel comics so I thought I might try my hand at a few. I posted the progress on this piece last week on Facebook, here it is in a nifty lil’ slide show. Meet “Tip Top Squirrel and Friends”, it’s a comic about my neighborhood told through the eyes of a city-type-squirrel that has relocated to a more suburban area (slightly autobiographical, slightly). This comic is a sum of all my influences. It’s equal parts R. Crumb, Tony Millionaire and a dash if Charles Addams, stir in hanging out with Jeffro Kilpatrick and you have yourself  a recipe for some old-timey feeelin’ goodness.
This piece will be in display at the Nichols Berg gallery as part of their Wissahickon Park art show in August. (More info on the show to follow.)
Above: “Tip Top Squirrel in Planting Roots” was created using sepia micron pens on vintage “Big Chief” tablet paper.

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