Monster Monday 14.

Cowboys and Aliens
This week’s Monster Monday is a Creature Double Feature. I pulled these right out of  the ol’ sketchbook.

On the Left: is a character sketch that got out of control. I was originally just trying to get a feel for the “Elder Things” from the H.P. Lovecraft story “At the Mountains of Madness”. It turned into a montage of some of my favorite bits from the novella. This study is for a larger piece that will be part of the art show and book entitled “Dead and Dreaming”. I will be posting my progress on the piece leading up to the event. If you want a kewl t-shirt to support our endeavor you can check it out here. The shirt was created by Sam Heimer the show’s curator.

On the Right: is a portrait of Doc Holiday. This was one of  my concepts for the art show  “Nation of Evil Men” that I did back in February. I wound up going with a portrait of “Erik the Red” but really liked this. So I picked away at it on the train and at the diner. I don’t like the look in his eyes. I don’t know about you but I don’t trust’ em. No sir not one bit!

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